School Recycling

How to Make Paper Video

Making Paper demonstrates a standards-based Project Learning Tree classroom activity, while also educating students about the actual paper making process.

Guide to School Recycling

   Interested in starting a school recycling program?

   Download the School Recycling Guide to learn more about how you 
   can involve your school in paper recycling.


Elementary School Recycling Activities

AF&PA and Kaleidoscope have teamed-up to create free, downloadable posters that feature take-home sets of activities for elementary school children.


                            2013 Classroom Activities  2013 Take Home Activities         

                                              2012 Take Home Activities    

                                              2011 Classroom Activities: 
                                                Grades 1-3
  Grades 4-5           

    Recycling Starts With You

       AF&PA and Scholastic have teamed-up to create a free, downloadable
       mini-poster that features standards-based math, science, and
       language arts lessons about paper recycling for third through
       sixth-grade students.

       Download Lesson Plan

       Download Poster


       2014 School Award Winner - Partnerships
       Ocosta High School

        Click here to win the full winning case study.


      2014 School Recycling Award Winner - Creativity
      Greenhill School 

       Click here to win the full winning case study.