Recycling Paper Products

What is Recyclable?

Thanks to the millions of Americans who make the choice to recycle every day, paper is the most-recycled material in the U.S. today.

But did you know that the quantity of paper recovered for recycling isn’t the only thing that matters?

To ensure that paper is recycled into new products, the quality of the paper you put in the recycling bin is important too!

Before placing an item in your recycling bin*, make sure that it is
•    Dry
•    Empty
•    Clear of food residue, etc.

Please help improve recycling by putting these* paper and paper packaging items in your recycling bin:


      White and colored paper from home, school or the
      office. Includes writing paper, copy  paper, office
      folders, notebooks, stationary etc. 


    Cereal and dry food boxes, shoe boxes, laundry
      detergent boxes etc. Remove non-paper inserts or
      additional packaging before putting it in the bin. 


     All mail and envelopes (including those with windows),
       postcards, greeting cards, coupon packets, etc.


     Boxes used for over the counter medicine,
       cosmetics or perfume; bakery or candy boxes; 
       take-out food containers or beverage cups; pizza and frozen food boxes. 
       Remove all food residues and liquids before putting in the bin.


     Corrugated cardboard boxes used for packaging or


       Paper shopping bags from retail stores, grocery stores and restaurants. Clear
       the bag of any food residues or liquids before putting it in
       the bin. 



     Magazines and catalogs with glossy paper


      Newspaper and Newspaper Inserts



         Juice, milk and aseptic cartons. Remove all liquids
         before putting in the bin.


        Telephone directories 


       Hard or soft cover books, wrapping paper (including the
       cardboard tube), old business cards etc.

 Pizza Box icon

       Pizza boxes. Remove all food before putting it in the bin.


* (most commonly recycled paper and packaging items in the U.S.)