School Recycling

How to Make Paper Video

Making Paper demonstrates a standards-based Project Learning Tree classroom activity, while also educating students about the actual paper making process.

Guide to School Recycling

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   can involve your school in paper recycling.


Elementary School Recycling Activities

AF&PA and Kaleidoscope have teamed-up to create free, downloadable posters that feature take-home sets of activities for elementary school children.


                            2013 Classroom Activities  2013 Take Home Activities         

                                              2012 Take Home Activities    

                                              2011 Classroom Activities: 
                                                Grades 1-3
  Grades 4-5           


Recycling Starts With You

   AF&PA and Scholastic have teamed-up to create a free, downloadable
   mini-poster that features standards-based math, science, and
   language arts lessons about paper recycling for third through
   sixth-grade students.

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2013 Recycling Award Winner: Bishop Watterson High School

Location – Columbus, OH
Amount of paper and paper-based packaging recovered in 2012 – 18.36 tons
School population – 900
Amount collected per student – 33.8 pounds

  The paper recycling program at Bishop Watterson is
  administered on a volunteer basis by an environmental
  science teacher with the assistance of student council
  students and advisors, the maintenance staff and the
  administrative staff.  All student council members are
  engaged in the collection of recyclables from their
  homerooms and volunteer to help encourage and educate
  fellow students with their recycling efforts in the cafeteria.  In
  addition to paper recycling bins in the classrooms, art rooms,
  technology department, library and offices, the school
  encourages the recovery of the kraft lunch bags used daily by
  approximately 500 students.  Nearly 87,500 such bags are
  recycled annually as a result.

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