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2013 Community Recycling Award Winner: City of Guntersville, Alabama

   Location – Guntersville, AL  
   Amount of paper and paper-based packaging
   recovered in 2012 – 865 tons
   Population – 8,500
   Amount collected per resident – 203 pounds

The City of Guntersville Recycling Program began in
   1994 as an initiative to control the growth of its
   municipal landfill, reduce solid waste expenditures
   and preserve its natural beauty.  Continual improvements have helped achieve the current program, which provides curbside collection to residents and 275 commercial participants.  Additional drop-off receptacles are located throughout the community at the recycling center, City Hall, city parks and numerous churches.  Thanks to their success within city limits, Guntersville has now extended recycling opportunities by collaborating with the Marshall County Commission to establish drop-off centers at each county shop.

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